Yoga Studio Hamburg Your Yoga.

About us

Judith and Marlen Köhler have brought new and exceptional diversity to Hamburg with their Bikram Yoga Studio Hamburg.

As the first Bikram instructors in Germany they opened the Bikram Yoga Studio in Hamburg in 1999. Hot Yoga become well-known through them and their studio and is now a popular trend throughout Germany and Europe. The sisters started with Bikram Yoga and their innovative trend is constantly expanding.

In Your Yoga you can find current and new styles of yoga on offer, e.g. Power, Flow and Gentle Yoga. These have been developed through over eleven years of studio and teaching experience, creativity and of course out of the love of yoga.

The Bikram Yoga Studio Hamburg is a loft in the middle of Eppendorf with its own unique 19th century charm. Spacious rooms give it a special atmosphere which is welcoming and make it an oasis for all. Yoga students are always treated with warmth and friendliness. Whether you\'re searching for strength or tranquility, every person feels at home here.